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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (193)

December is almost here. I need to go back to working out in a gym. I haven't been to a gym for about 5 months now. The last time I went to the gym and worked out was last June. I believe it was last week of June. I stopped going to the gym because I got distracted and I got busy with Teddy. I planned on renewing my membership but I lost interest because I got dumped by Teddy and I had no energy drag myself to the gym. Then I got busy with something else, projects.

Now that my projects are up and running. I guess I can go back to the gym. I plan to start again this December but I am not sure which gym I should go to. I can still go to Gold's gym but I don't want to. I have two gyms in mind, FitFast Wellness Center and Slimmer's World.

FitFast Wellness Center was the last gym that I went to. I was enrolled at this gym for 3 months, April-June 2014. I like the this gym because the staff are so friendly and accommodating. They never failed to greet me with a smile every time. The gym instructors are friendly as well. During the time that I was at the gym, the instructors were always available. In terms of service and staff friendliness, FitFast is the exact opposite of Gold's gym Glorietta. I like GG Glorietta but I totally hate their unfriendly and unaccommodating staff. Bunch muscle heads who are only willing to help those who pay for their services. They will only be of assistance if you hire them as personal trainers.

Probably the best thing that I liked about Fitfast was their locker room. It's very clean and it's cold. It doesn't smell like sweat. I was very specific with this before I even went to the place. I wanted to have a cold locker room so that I won't get sweaty after I shower. Again, the locker room is the exact opposite of the locker in Gold's Gym glorietta. FitFast locker room did not disappoint. The next thing that I liked about Fitfast was the free parking. The parking slots are limited but it's free. I have always worked out during off-peak hours like either before 5pm or between 6am-10am so it wasn't hard for me to get a slot but if you work out during peak hours then you will probably have problems looking for a parking slot.

The gym itself is big. Like a big warehouse but the weights area is just a small room. I did not enroll with boxing because I don't need it. I only need to lift. They have the basic exercise machines in their strengthening area . They don't have treadmills or stationary bikes but you can run around the warehouse for warm up. The place is huge so you can run around. As for me, I cannot run so a stationary bike is a must. I don't think they have plans on getting one. Also, the gym does not have a bench that you can decline. The bench can only be flat or be inclined.

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but during the time that I was there, I did not see any eye candies. No eye-candy distractions and I would really love to get distracted by cuties. Didn't find a single cutie the whole time I was there. Probably if I went there during peak hours then I might have tasted seen some cuties.

They currently have a buy one take one promo but it's for both boxing and strengthening. Their strengthening only membership price remains the same, it's P3500 for 3 months. The strengthening only membership price is almost the same with Slimmer's World.

So Do I reenroll at this gym? I am not sure yet. I like this gym a lot but they are missing things that I need.

Last thing, I am really bothered with this. I just don't get it. How is being married to a British national relevant? And I don't see any abs! I see saggy flabs!

FitFast Wellness Center
UPRC 1 Bldg.,
2230 Pasong Tamo Avenue
(behind Tile Depot)
1231 Makati City, Philippines
Phone: (632) 539 28 10
Mobile: (63) 917 1234567
Official Website

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