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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (177)

I met an accident last night. A minor accident and thank God nobody got hurt. The accident happened on the street where I live! I'm only few hundred meters away from home. I feel so dumb and stupid. Damn those jerks who are flashing a very bright HID headlights. Yes, I was blinded because of some jerk's super bright HID headlight. As I was driving home, another car with super bright HIDs was moving towards me and I got blinded by it and I hit the car on my right that was parked on the side street.

My car after the accident

This is my first accident this year. My second accident since I got my car, only my second time that involved another car. Third accident in total where another car was involved, the other accident happend in the hands of my friend, I left my car with her when I went out of town. The common thing in all of these accidents?? The other cars involved are all parked! My poor car. Not a fan of parked cars.

The other car, a Honda City

It was not 100 percent my fault because the street is not a parking lot but the people on our street turn the side streets as parking lots. The cars were parked on both sides of the street, left and right. My car is a bit wide and the side mirrors are wide-angle mirrors. I did not even drink any alcoholic drinks last night.

The other car, a Honda City

I felt so bad. Felt really sorry for what happened. They were so nice people, specially the girlfriend. She was so nice and she looks like my cousin! She's actually my neighbor and her boyfriend, the driver of the Honda, was just dropping her off from their date night. The worst part? It's the boy's birthday last night and I ruined it. They made me feel really bad. I felt like I dumb blonde for what happened. They made me feel worse because they are such a nice people. Even the dad of the kid was cool. After we filed the police report(insurance purpose), they even asked me if I wanted to eat. They asked if we can eat out and hangout, I made an excuse and said no. I was already tired because we finished late at 1am.

This is how the cars were parked. The Honda is parked too far from the gutter.

The accident happened around 9:45pm and we went to the police station at around 10:30pm. It took us 2.5hrs just to file a police report. The people at police station was too freakin' slow. At the accident site, we already agreed on what's going to happen and how we're going to fix things so before we went to the police station, I thought it will just be a quick visit but nope, it took 2.5hrs! Why do they have to be so slow? Most of that 2.5.hrs hours was wasted on waiting for nothing. It only took me and the other party less than 30mins to fill up the documents. They made us wait for nothing. The officer was prolonging everything. He only asked us few questions and the rest of the time, we just waited for nothing really. Probably, if we finished early, me and the lovebirds could have grabbed something to eat. There were a lot of food spots just outside the station, it's in Malugay st. A lot of bars on that street too.

And the kid kept calling me "Sir JC" the whole time. In my mind I was like "You kept calling me sir when you look older when I shave off my facial hair"

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