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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (21)

Yesterday, I ate at NIU, Vikings' "fine-dining" buffet in SM Aura. As I waited for the buffet to open, this cutie pie showed up and I was like "ohhhh Is that fresh meat part of the buffet? I can have him as appetizer, main course, and dessert!" Slurp slurp! I can also have him for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and midnight snack! Sadly, he left even before the buffet opened. I guess he went to another buffet, the gym? He's a got big gym bag.

I took pictures of this meat and he noticed because before he left, he stood in front of me for like a minute or two. He stood by the Christmas tree. He probably tried to make me feel hungrier that I already was. He flaunted his cuteness and yumminess in front of me that I almost drooled over him. During the time that he stood in front of me, I wanted to take more pictures but it was too obvious so I did not. I just stared at him. The obvious stare but not the flirty one, just an "innocent" stare but in my mind I already thought eating him alive!

So who is this young meat? Based on my "research", He is the marketing manager of Vikings: Luxury Buffet. His name is Charles Lee. Everything in Vikings are so yummy even their Marketing Manager is drool worthy. You can stalk view his social media accounts. His Facebook here, his Google+ here, his Instagram here, his Twitter here, his Linkedin here, his naked/topless photos here. And he lives in here, sa puso ko. . Or you if wanna taste see him you can visit a Vikings branch near you. I think he is at NIU at SM Aura most of the time

Is he straight? I don't know! I hope not! Is he single? Yes! Just kidding! I don't know if he is single. I hope he is!

The Christmas tree where he stood for about a minute or 2

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