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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Monday, December 01, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (63)

I have been wanting to eat at NIU since October 2014 but I couldn't find a friend who wants to eat with me. First, I asked my #yayaba to go with me but she did not want to go. All other people I've asked found the place too expensive. Then, when I finally convinced 3 of my friends to join me for dinner at NIU, NIU was fully booked on the date that we wanted. I couldn't find any other friends to join me on a different date so I decided to go solo. Yup, that's how badly I wanted to eat at NIU that I went alone.

I did not make any reservations at NIU. I walked in and got a table for my self. The place looked elegant, the tables, the seats everything else. Nothing looked cheap. The only thing that looked cheap was one of the waiters.[harsh] Why? Because one of the waiters sneezed so hard and he sneezed near a table by the exit. He did not even cover his mouth or even wiped the table clean. I think I was the only one who saw what he did. I did not complain it because I did not wanna be a bitch about it. Good thing though, I think nobody was seated on the table where he spread his viruses.

I waited for about thirty minutes before the buffet opened. I was the second one to get a table. A waiter named "Rain" escorted me to my table. He was nice. Before he brought me to my seat, he first introduced me to each of the nine food stations. I found that very helpful because I don't always eat at a buffet and I am not an expert when it comes to different stations in a buffet place. He also gave me an idea on what food I can find in each station but I was too busy looking at the food that I did not understand everything he said.

I guess I was lucky because my table was near my favorite station, the carving station. According to Rain, the best station was the carving station and I agreed! I love meat, yum yum yum.

There are nine stations at NIU. You can find out more about it from their website here. I don't wanna blog about it because I am not a foodie and I do not see a need for me to blog about the stations. Just Google it and you will get a million results about NIU food stations.

I did not waste anytime. I went ahead and proceeded to the carving station. It was still Thanksgiving in US time when I went to NIU. They had turkey, US Angues Ribeye, Belly-chon, and another one. I don't know what it was called. When at a buffet, I ignore the rice. I only eat the meat. I enjoyed the turkey with the raspberry sauce and the rib-eye with the truffle sauce. God there were too many food! I cannot enumerate all the food I ate. I'm lazy and I am sure you are not going to read every word I type in here. So, please just go ahead and look at the photos below.

Oh and the best part? THE ICE CREAM! They do not serve the normal ice cream that you see on a normal buffet place They are serving the Gelatissimo type of gelato. Also, they have a lot of cakes to choose from. But I did not get any cake slices because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it. I just had one small piece of ube cake. I was too full to eat any sweets.

Aside from their yummy Marketing manager. Every food at NIU was delicious! BUT BUT BUT! They had one dish that activated my trypophobia! I can't remember exactly the name of the dish but it was the one with the OX or something. I took a peak at every food and this particular dish, when I opened it up, it activated my phobia. It was disgusting. I was not sure if it was part of the meat or if it was a veggie. I am having goosebumps now because I am remembering it!

Overall, I enjoyed NIU a lot. The food, the place, the feel and the ambiance. It was worth it. I went on my own but I did not feel alone. It did not feel awkward. There's an ample space between the tables, the place did not feel cramped even though at the time the place was jam-packed. The staff, the waiters were all smiles and they were all friendly. It was not hard to get an attention from a waiter when I needed it.

Lastly, I think the buffet table in here is longer than the one in Buffet 101 at Glorietta. I asked a waiter and the women at the front desk, they don't know how long the table was. They had no idea. The lady at the front desk also asked the people from the maintenance, they don't know as well.

I actually plan to go back to NIU this Friday but sadly, they are already fully booked If you plan to get a table this month, best of luck! It's so hard to get a table. I will probably just eat here again next year when most of the people have spent most of their bonuses

NIU by Vikings: SM Aura Premier
Level 6, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City
contact numbers: 02-478-3888, 02-847-3888

If you access to Facebook then I advise you to use that for making any reservations :)
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