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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Monday, December 08, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (60)

At a massage center just 2 blocks away from my place. You see, I was out for three days because my body was sore all over. My back and my arms/triceps felt sore. I probably worked myself out too much too early. I thought I only needed to sleep it off but sleep was not enough. Last Saturday night, instead of going out, I decided to get a massage because my body ache was worse than I expected.

The ache was not all painful, it's the kind of pain that is actually good . The sore feeling you get after having a good workout but mine was a bit more. It was worse than my usual body sore because I couldn't even take my shirt off. I couldn't bend down. I couldn't raise my arms at all. I had a very hard time getting out of bed last Saturday and I am not exaggerating.

I thought of going to my previous "best" massage place at Aramesh Spa but I couldn't drive myself going there so I chose to just walk two blocks to get to "Touch of Wellness". I've been to this place once before and the massage was just okay. I went back to this place again because it's near. Normally, when I get a massage, I always ask for a female therapist but last Saturday I asked for a male therapist because I knew I'd do something that might make the female therapists awkward. My back was the most sore of all the muscles, so I told my therapist that. The therapist was good because he worked on my aching back with the right pressure. It felt so good, kinda bittersweet feeling. The therapist was so good with his hands that I moaned like I was having sex. I kinda made the same moan when having sex. If the therapist was gay then he would have been turned on by my sex-like moan. If other clients heard me they probably thought I was having sex. I'm not kidding. The massage was so good that the whole time he worked on my back I moaned like a slut. He also made me do a lot of stretching. Before the massage, I couldn't even raise my arms but the therapist worked on it and I was able to stretch out my arms. It was not easy to make me stretch out and raise my arms because of the pain, but he did it slowly and he was successful. If I had to rate this guy for the service he did, it's a perfect 10.

The therapist knew what he needed to do to ease the pain on my back, my body. He made me do all sorts of things to lessen the pain on my back and it worked. We did a lot of stretching, some of it I never experienced from other spas/massage places. I think the male therapist was registered "PT" or he was just really good. He also used an oil with menthol on my back to ease off the pain. It felt really good.

I requested for a swedish massage but I don't think that that kind of massage was what I needed. The therapist did what he did to ease the pain, probably combination of Swedish, then Hilot, and a deep tissue massage. Initially, I only wanted an hour session but it felt like it was longer than 60mins. The massage felt so good that I asked for additional 30mins so I had 90mins in total but it felt like it was more than two hours. After my session, I felt a lot better. I went home and had a good night sleep. When I woke up the next day, the pain on my back was almost gone and I felt so much better. I was able to get up and get out of bed with no problems. I was able to go back to the gym though I did not do any back exercises because it was LEG day Sunday.

I went back to massage place Sunday night for another session and got the same therapist. He is really good. I thought the first session was good because I was in a lot pain but the second session proved that he is really that good. His service was consistent. I got another 90mins session but about 45mins of that was focused on my legs, calves, my butt cheeks. I did my leg day at the gym, you know.

I'm probably going back there next weekend. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Touch Of Wellness
Address: 7423 Santillan st, brgy Pio del Pilar, Makati
Contact #: 0917 503 7324/ 0999 998 0452
Operating Hours: 24/7
Swedish Massage Price: 299php/hour, 159php/30mins.

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