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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Monday, December 08, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (19)

Last Friday, I was suppose to have lunch at Buffet 101 with some people at work. But unfortunately, they stood me up. They did not even tell me ahead of time that lunch was cancelled. I still went ahead and had my lunch at buffet 101. My mind and tummy was already set that I was going to have a heavy lunch last Friday.

The buffet 101 food is good but in comparison to NIU by Vikings, it can't compete with NIU. In my opinion, NIU is far better than buffet 101. Of course NIU is more expensive but there's only about 400php difference for a lunch buffet. Also, I don't think Buffet 101 at Glorietta still deserves the "Longest Buffet Table in The Philippines" title. Because I am sure the buffet table at NIU in SM Aura is waaaaaaaaay longer. If only people at NIU know the length of their buffet table then I can compare.

I ate alone. Again! I got stood up. Good thing the lady gave me a table that's on the side. One of the tables with sofa. It would have really been so awkward if she didn't put me there. The table arrangement at Buffet 101 is so cramped. If the people gets noisy then you'd really hear the noise. And if you eat alone then they put you on the non-sofa seats then you'd really feel alone. The place was crowded at that time. Still, I enjoyed my lunch, my food

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