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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Monday, December 08, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (33)

There are too many Ramen places in Metro Manila. They just keep on popping up. I haven't been to all of them but I've been to some. So far, the best noodle place for me is Shinjuku Ramen House. Since last week I have been craving for some good noodles. Singapore Food Republic did not satisfy my noodle cravings. And my cravings got worse by the day and stupid of me that I forgot Little Tokyo is just on the next street where I live. So I went there for some almost-midnight snack.

Shinjuku is open from 1030am til 11pm. I hate little Tokyo because the spoiled rich bastards who eat here during lunch and dinner time are causing so much traffic! The spoiled bastards wouldn't even find a place to park their beloved cars. They always park on the street, double parking! If I had a battle tank then I would run over their cars and smash it to pieces. Anyways, I went there around 1030pm. Almost their closing time because that's when the rich spoiled assholes are nowhere to be seen. I ordered the Beef Ramen. It's the only dish a order from them.

As usual, it was so good. The meat was tender and it was delicious! I enjoyed my regular sized bowl of ramen.

Next time if I get ramen cravings, I should not forget that little tokyo is just few meters away from home.

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