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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Friday, December 12, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (142)

schedule ever! I know I chose the schedule myself but I regret it now. It's so freakin' hard to get a parking slot during noon time. My schedule at work is 1pm but I usually get to the area before that and I would waste so much time before I can go up to the office. Getting a parking space during noon time in Bonifacio Global City is such a burden. All the parking spaces are full and there's even a very long queue just to get in.

Last Tuesday was probably the worst of all the days. All the parking places I know are full, the one the 1st st, the parking building on Chase, the one in front of our office, the building beside our office, the parking in front of Forbeswood condo, the W building on the fifth, the parking lot in front off F1 hotel are all full and there were cars waiting in line to get a slot. I was already far away from the office building, my office is on Rizal ave, the street before the 3rd st and I went all the way to the 7th street just to get parking space.

I saw a parking lot with NO cars queuing in line so I went there. It was at the back of high street along 30th. I thought I was lucky because no cars were waiting but when I got to the parking counter, that's when I found out why no cars were waiting. The parking fee is waaaaaaaaaay too expensive! The fee was 50php an hour. I really had no choice because I was already more than 30mins late. I waited about 10mins before I got a slot. After getting a slot, my burden wasn't over yet. I still walked about 4 blocks just to get to the office. Yup, that's how far I parked.

Around 4 in the afternoon, Emi went with me to High Street. We had our early dinner. Around 5pm, we took my car from the expensive parking space and had it transferred to the building next to my office. There were plenty of spaces at 5pm because some people already left. Tuesday was such a hassle. I actually got stressed out so that night, I asked to have my schedule moved. My new work time is 5pm. The new schedule was effective the next day. The new schedule is so much better, I don't have to waste time waiting.

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