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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Sunday, December 21, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (33)

I love Pinoy, both food and the men. Few nights asgo, I craved for some pinoy meat. I specifically wanted to eat Bagnet or Lechon Kawali. I searched for restaurant in Burgos Circle that serves either Bagnet or Lechon Kawali. I had two options, either Café Juanita or Fifteen Twenty One (1521). I've already tried Café Juanita few times before so I decided I'd try 1521.

I've read good reviews about 1521 so I thought they must be good. I went there for dinner, around 9 in the evening. There weren't too many people in Burgos Circle that night and there were only few customers in 1521. I ordered two dishes, "Hari ng Lechon Kawali" and "Bistek Sophisticated - Sirloin". Placing the order was a breeze. The order was served in less than 15mins.

I was excited to taste and eat the lechon kawali because I craved for it. When I took a bite from the first piece, I thought it didn't taste good, it must be a bad piece. So I took another piece, it's the same! It does not taste good at all! I was really really as in totally disappointed. The lechon kawali has no taste at all and I am not exaggerating. I don't think they even put salt in the meat before cooking it. It had no flavor at all. The food had zero taste. I'm not a fan of condiments, I eat my food as it is served. The lechon kawali was served with a basic dipping sauce "Mang Tomas", it's not even a special dip. Just the good old mang tomas that you can also find in any Carinderias in Manila. I was not happy with the food especially that it's a bit expensive, it's P320 per serving. They said it's good for two but it's not.

My other order was the Bistek, the taste was something new. Not the usual Bistek Tagalog. The taste was good. I like the taste but the meat was another story. The meat was not tender. It was hard to chew. It was like chewing a gum. I spit about 3 pieces of the beef because it was hard and not tender at all. I spit, always, but not when it comes to my food.

I was totally disappointed with my dinner at Fifteen Twenty One, 1521. The price of the food was not worth it. Though I ate everything up because I did not want to waste any food. I was stuffed because I ordered 2 cups of rice but I did not enjoy my disappointing meal. I spent more than Php 850 for my dinner but it's totally not worth it. I could have gone and eat somewhere else. I could have gone and ate at a buffet with that price. I don't mind paying for a pricey meal as long as the taste of the food justifies the price.

Also, the service at 1521 could be better. My experience was bad. I got a table outside and there were no waiters outside. So when I wanted to order additional cup of rice and get some water, it was not easy. All the waiters were inside talking to each other, it took few minutes before they noticed that I was waving at them. I did not want to stand up because if I did, I might have lost my appetite.

Overall, bad experience. Price of the food is not worth it. Not going back to this place anytime soon.

Location: Ground Floor, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Conact #: 02 5521909

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