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December 18, 2018



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Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC. (4)

I was already sleepy but I thought I'd watch an episode of the show before going to bed. Original plan was to watch just one episode but I ended up watching all three episodes and I LOVE LOVE LOoooooooVE the show! It's funny and it's cute!

Peter(Jake McDorman) is just dreamy. Dana(Analeigh Tipton) is funny and I love her. Can't wait for another episode of this show!

Random Entries

Posted on: Monday, July 17, 2017 by Jan Caine via Windows PC

There's a situation. There's a rooster on top of the roof, I was asked if the rooster lays an egg, in which direction will the egg fall? so stupid of me. I answered it will fall down. I was so bother.....[Continue Reading]

Posted on: Saturday, October 25, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC

It's the weekend and I spent the last 11 hours in dreamland. I woke up and read the news about my favorite show getting cancelled. Such a sad news for me. The series did not pull enough ratings to kee.....[Continue Reading]

Posted on: Monday, November 17, 2014 by Jan Caine via Windows PC

I haven't shaved my facial hair since the last week of October. I haven't shaved it off not because of the "No Shave November". I haven't shaved my facial hair because of the guy from the TV show [Continue Reading]